The Wild Sow

The wild sow is an old symbol for the power of the Feminine. She represents a positive and empowering image of a female energy field. The archetype of the inner “wild woman” which is constellated in the female psyche is touched by the notion of the wild sow. The power of it opens new ways and vital encounters with the Feminine. The approach in the dance enables us to see the body as a means of becoming conscious and thus to efficiently integrate the physical and spiritual planes. The physical-feminine dimension is so taken out of the devaluation in our contemporary civilization and validated as one of the polarities of female and male.

The symbol of the wild sow is in relation to the Sowgoddess which was revered in many archaic peoples. At the same time with this spiritual dimension the image touches playful and space taking qualities which are very important for women to enjoy our womanhood with joy and delight.

The wild sow can inspire us in her earthly and heavenly aspects. This intelligent and sensitive animal can activate our capacity “to smell” what is good for us. At the same time the reverence for the goddess in the past centuries that was connected with the image of the wild sow can help us to perceive our instinctual female power and to honour and respect the divine qualities in us.

When I founded my institute in the fall of 1996 I reflected on the name I wanted to chose for it. Serious and special names and institutes already existed. As I planned a seminar with the title “The dancing wild sow” I had the idea to use this name because above all it carries connotations of space taking joy, wildness and a twinkling broad smile. These aspects are often lacking in our everyday life and I want to spread them with my work.