»Two Wings« is a dancing prayer to a poem by Rumî. Sound is the song »Al Sadenu« from the CD »Close Harmony« (with friendly permission of Musaic, )


»Kuaté leno leno mahoté«
is a Sundance of the Northamerican indigenous people:


»Ganesha-dance« is a humorous bodyprayer. We push something aside, change the perspective as we turn halfway around. Then we calm down and let go. Ganesha in the Hindu tradition is an energy that is called if obstacles appear – no matter on which level – which hinder the life force to flow smoothly. By singing the mantra and moving in a special way the life force is coming into flow again and we are aligned with our soul.


»The dance of the oneness of life« is pulsating and unforseeable as real life is. Each dancing person moves back and forth individually to the center on an axis. Thus a dynamic and organic whole is coming into being. We dance to a piece of music by Maneesh de Moor from his album Sadhana, song:raindance (videosound by kind permission of Maneesh de Moor).


»The soul-bird bows down« is a dance which is in essence about humility and gratitude. Alone or in a group, without music in nature or with music we bow down as souls before the Absolute. (more about it).

You can dance on your own or with others … indoors or outdoors in nature … with music or without … inspired by nature´s sounds or by the music inside …

… or to put it in Hafiz´ word

Forever Dance

I am happy even before I have a reason.

I am full of Light even before the sky
Can greet the sun or the moon.

Dear companions,
We have been in love with God
for so very very long.

What can Hafiz now do but Forever

Hafiz (rendered by Daniel Ladinsky)