The Power of Dance

In all civilized peoples dance was an expression of the joy of life, the vital connection with each other and a creative communication. The dance movements kept in balance the charge of energy for new steps in life and the discharge of accumulated feelings and of leftovers of the everyday life. Dance was a nonverbal communication and served for an exchange on the level of the body.

My way to work with dance is simply to make the different energies of dance accessible for the personal development of women. Thus ist is possible to reconnect the joy of life and to partly get rid of the alienation experienced in everyday life while interacting with the other dancing human beings. Other aims are the promotion of the personal expression in movement, the improvement of the corporal perception of oneself and others and the disposition of holistic experiences. The energy of dance is efficient on various levels: stimulation of the evolutionary process, support of self-confidence and incitement of the life force.

No preliminary knowledge and no big efforts are needed to swing with the vibrations of the music and still there is the possibility to get in touch with our own vitality. It corresponds with the movement of the body. This is especially important for persons who mainly work on the mental level as the holistic movements balance this kind of work and give access to new mental resources. We get to know our own power through the dance again and can experience its empowering force. Our self-confidence is then based on a corporal perception which means it is grounded in ourselves.

Dance can change rigid states into fluid shapes. We can perceive our creativity and exercise our flexibility in it as the fluid dance movements invite us to do. The dance offers us a place to express our creative power where our joy of life takes over. This can cause various effects on our work and everyday life.- Relaxing exercises add some rest to this programme to have the opportunity to just be.

My personal background:
Cornelia Freise, born in 1957, living in Bremen in norhern Germany.
After my two exams in law I worked in several scientific projects for the German Tradeunion in Düsseldorf, Germany, for the University of Bremen and for the Institute of research of media-didactics, Hannover, Germany. Since 16 years I have worked with groups in the field of circle dance and dancetherapy. I took part in a training in Biodanza – Dance of life, a technique developed by the psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro from Chile. It works with the experience-lines of vitality, creativity, affectivity, sexuality and transcendence. Since 1992 I have worked free lance exclusively with dance. In 1996 I founded “The dancing wildsow – Institute for Transformation through dance, Meditative Dancing and Dancetherapy” in Bremen which makes available 2-year-dance-trainings “Dancing out of the room of the heart” for people from different professional backgrounds. In 2002 the third group will start.