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I offer coaching in phases of transition.

This can be a single meeting of 90 or 120 minutes or a continual coaching in Bremen over a longer period of time e.g. once a month.

It costs € 70,– per hour.


Opening new spaces serenely –
Exploring transitions with body and spirit

wolf lucy kl

„Leap of faith“ by Lucy Campbell


A different way of coaching

Transitions are important times of renewal in life. This is also true if we experience them as limiting at first like disease, death, divorce, changing jobs, becoming parents, menopause and getting older. They are life´s challenge to us as it shows it´s transitory nature. Whether we react with humor, playfully or with struggle influences our everyday life and the outcome of the process.

Dreams and fairytales can help us to understand transitions and change in life in a better way and cope with them more easily. Dreams are inner nightly events which are often told as a story. Fairytales are collective stories which make available certain life experiences wrapped into a story. They connect us as humans and go beyond the individual fate. Fairytales clarify certain patterns in life and allow us to identify with different characters. They show that it is possible to deal with limiting situations in a playful manner.

Movement and dance are fluid mediators between the inner and the outer. Our body is the place where we live and where the transition happens. If we include the body we honor it´s wisdom. It is an act of courage and trust to share our inner pictures and feelings in a protected space and to express them with the body. Something mysterious happens. We are able to see the connections between old and new spaces and stories of our soul. Change is available easily. Happiness can give wings to us. We are quiet in the soul and peaceful.

The wolf is known from little red riding hood. There it has a negative role. Yet its symbolic meaning goes beyond this fairytale which is a purified version of older tales with different aspects. The wolf can be an inner guide which is able to go back and forth between the inner and the outer world which today is still known in some indigenous cultures. This ability of the wolf helps us to find out where we are now in our life. Real wolves are persistent hunters which are not distracted so easily. This is a quality we need for transitions. And the wolf embodies a directness which allows to see ourselves in a clear and true way.

I have an own experience with the symbolic meaning of the wolf. When my mother died and I was very far away on another continent I looked for a tree. There I went everyday, sang and danced and brought little oblations. One day when I meditated after being at the tree I had a vision of a German shepherd dog/wolf running towards me with a red rose in its mouth. It was a message of love from the other side for me.

The painting „Leap of faith“ by Lucy Campbell came to me in a time when I needed blind faith. It shows the possibility to deal with a passage in a concentrated and playful manner as shown by the girl in the red dress.

Listening to my dreams is part of my life since 1979, to the dreams of others since 1988.